Wonton Bar

Book a Wonton Palooza wonton bar for your next party or event across Long Island!

Party like a rockstar with unique, delicious sophistication and fun with our all-inclusive party catering. Choose a hosted Wonton Palooza wonton bar!

Offer your guests varieties of freshly prepared and deliciously baked party catering with savory and sweet dessert wontons with dipping sauces. Our party catering starts with customized wonton tastings! Enjoy a deliciously baked and innovative twist for your next Long Island event!


Catering Guests Will Remember

Our wontons are great if you’re looking for easy-to-eat food that is delicious and fun for any occasion. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen missing the Big Game or your little one’s birthday celebration. That’s where our party trays come in. Pick a couple of your favorite flavors from our offerings and we’ll deliver trays of fresh wontons to your party so you can kick back and relax with your guests. A tray of 50 wontons serves 6–8 people, and a tray of 100 serves 10–12, so this is a great opportunity to order a variety of different flavors


Better Event Catering

Sometimes, though, a couple of party trays just won’t cut it. That’s why we also offer our specialty hosted wonton bar! This is a great way to make your event stand out in all the right ways. Whether you’re looking for party catering or you need to feed a business conference, a wonton bar is an ideal option. After all, each wonton is a little pillow of handmade deliciousness, and a full wonton bar means that your guests can choose from a wide array of different flavors to create a fun and tasty well-rounded meal. And, because our wontons are baked, not fried, they won’t leave your guests feeling heavy at the end of the meal — though we do offer two fried options in our chicken and pork Original Wonton Palooza wontons. 


What You Get

Our wonton bar is filled with trays of wontons and their matching sauces for a delicious event catering experience your guests won’t soon forget. Each wonton is made by hand by our team, and everything is prepared fresh just before we deliver your catering order for maximum deliciousness. Wontons are also a great option for event catering because they avoid a lot of the pitfalls of most catered options. You won’t find soggy pasta or dried out meat here! The wonton wrapper keeps all the flavors and textures wrapped up neatly so every guest can enjoy the same experience, whether they’re first in line or the last one through. 


Ordering Event Catering in Long Island

If you just want a couple of party trays, feel free to order wontons online — but please give us 24–48 hours advanced notice so we have time to make your wontons!

If you’re interested in a Wonton Bar for your next event please give us a call. While you could order online, talking to us in person will help you better plan all the options for your event catering. We’ll help you choose how many trays of wontons you’ll need, and arrange the right mix of sweet and savory options to please a crowd. Plus, Wonton Bar catering comes with customized wonton tastings, and you know you don’t want to miss out on that! 

Don’t let your next event catering be a boring, soggy disappointment. Call Wonton Palooza to talk about options for how we can customize our Wonton Bar catering menu for your next shindig!